Pabst Holland & Reynolds, PLLC offers legal advice and counsel in the following practice areas for individuals, business owners and families. You will consult with an experienced estate or business planning attorney, with access to the firm’s full range of legal resources in support of your goals.

Estate Planning
We have assisted thousands of individuals and families in creating customized estate plans that accurately reflect their goals and reduce taxes while protecting their assets.

Gift & Estate Tax
As part of the estate planning process, we help clients mitigate the effects of gift and estate taxes and thus maximize the assets left to their heirs.

Wills & Trusts
The firm has long experience providing advice to individual and business clients in matters related to wills and trusts, and the laws and benefits pertaining to each.

Pet Trusts
For people who want to ensure their pet is cared for if they pass away or become incapacitated, we assist in the preparation of trusts created for the benefit of pets.

Charitable Planning
We advise clients in all aspects of charitable planning, from simple gifts to charitable trusts to family foundations.

Probate & Trust Administration
The firm assists executors, trustees, administrators, heirs and beneficiaries through the complex process of probating a will and administering a trust.

IRA Distribution Planning
We provide experienced counsel in strategies for dealing with the distribution of funds from individual retirement accounts and other qualified retirement plans.